Organisations such as ANAC (in Canada), British Acoustic Neuroma Association or BANA (in the United Kingdom) and Acoustic Neuroma Association (in the USA), provide valuable information for patients when dealing with the diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle adjustments.

In Canada, the ANAC support groups have been invaluable to many patients and their families. They are located across the country as well as online. Our members' forums will also soon be available.

Additionally, you may find that working with healthcare specialists, ranging from kinesiologists, physiotherapists, to psychologists, is beneficial. Many patients also choose to use alternative methods to heal their minds and body by practising yoga.

Peer Support

If you are interested in having a private discussion with a volunteer who has also faced an acoustic neuroma diagnosis, ANAC can connect you to someone through the Peer Database Registry. Many have found that sharing their experience can benefit both their mind and recovery efforts.

Contact us at 1-800-561-2622, or by email, and we will find the right person for you!

Chapter Support

Through support groups, people who have experienced acoustic neuroma gather to share information, experiences and offer to support one another.

Within the safety of a support group, many people can share their past experiences, their fears and concerns about the future, and the day-to-day challenges they face. Whether through general discussion or from presentations given by professional medical experts, members assure us that the knowledge and support they gain is invaluable.

By reaching out, you can share your questions, fears, and experiences with others who have already walked down the same diagnosis and treatment path – making your journey less frightening.


Support groups are located throughout Canada and online. A quick phone call (1-800-561-2622) or email to the national office or your local chapter can help.