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Support Groups

Support Groups Across Canada

People diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma and their loved ones, often find help through the helpful nature of an acoustic neuroma support group.  Support groups are a gathering of people who share emotional support and information through similar life experiences. Within the safety of a support group, many people are able to share the details of their past experience, fears, concerns about the future, and the day-to-day challenges encountered.  Acoustic Neuroma Support Groups are located across Canada in the cities / regions shown below.  For more information on meeting times and locations, please contact the Chapter Leaders in your area.

Individual support is also available through the Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada's Peer Database Registry. For more information on connecting with a Peer Support Volunteer from the registry, please contact the National Office at 1-800-561-2622 or [email protected] .

Alberta: Provincial
Contact: Mary Jane Hradowy
Phone: 1-587-216-4448
Email: [email protected]

The Albert Chapter meets on as needed basis though teleconference and videoconference platforms.

British Columbia: Courtenay/Nanaimo
Contact: Evalyn Hrybko
Phone:   1-250-282-3269 or email [email protected]

The Courtenay/Nanaimo Chapter will be meeting at the Crown Isle Restaurant (dining room) at 12:00 PM on Saturday September 26/15. 

Please RSVP to Evalyn Hrybko at [email protected]

Manitoba: Winnipeg
Contact: Faye Goranson
Phone/Email: 204-762-5611 or [email protected]

The format of the meetings are informal; sharing of our stories, challenges and successes about living with acoustic neuroma. Partners, family and supporters are welcomed, so please join us with your stories, ideas and a snack to share.

National: Virtual Chapter
Contact: Nick Dinelle
Phone/Email: 613-831-2426 or email [email protected]

Virtual Chapter Meetings are held through Skype. Meetings are scheduled based on interested participants.
Skype is a free online platform used for virtual meetings. Details and requirements can be found at:
If you would like assistance setting up an account or would like to conduct a trial run prior to meetings, please contact the National Coordinator, she will be happy to assist.

Ontario: Kitchener/Waterloo
Contact:  Linda Darkes
Phone/Email: (519) 696-3445 or email [email protected]
Contact : Helen Horlings
Phone/Email: (519) 954-5581 or email [email protected]

Next Meeting – Saturday November 5, 2016 10-12 noon followed by potluck lunch

Ontario: London
Contact: Lorraine Swanson
Phone/Email: 519-668-7737 or email [email protected] , 519-520-3516 [email protected]

Ontario: Ottawa/Outaouais National Capital Region
Contact: Nick Dinelle
Phone/Email: 613-831-2426 or email [email protected]

The Ottawa/Outaouais Chapter is currently inactive. The Chapter Leader is available for support and information.

Ontario: Toronto
Contact: Lynda Nash
Phone/Email: (416)-282-0036 or email [email protected]
Contact: Kathryn Harrod
Phone/Email: 905-891-1624 or email [email protected]

Because of the strike at CHS the Toronto Group Support Meeting on March 28, 2017 will be held at:
38 Avoca Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
On the south west corner of St Clair Avenue at Avoca which is 2 short blocks (2 stop lights) from Yonge Street and/or one stoplight from Mount Pleasant Road.
Ample parking underneath building on first floor for guests. Please enter half circle driveway and advise concierge and he will open garage door to access parking spot.

2016 Schedule 

January 26th
March 28th
May 31st
July 26th
September 27th
November 29th

Location - Second Floor


Quebec: Montreal
Contact: Carol Oss
Phone/Email: National Office at 1-800-561-2622 or email [email protected]

The Montreal Chapter is currently inactive. The Chapter Leader is available for support and information.