Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada

Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada

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It's time to join together and make a difference for individuals impacted by an acoustic neuroma – a rare brain tumour that can have a lasting impact on quality of life. Spread the word  your voice matters!  

Who We Are

The Acoustic Neuroma Association of Canada (ANAC) is a peer-led charity organized to share information and provide support and education about this rare brain tumour, also known as a vestibular schwannoma. Our goal is to promote early diagnosis, successful treatment and support of post-surgical issues for individuals.

ANAC supports ongoing research, information sharing and public education of acoustic neuroma tumours through this website and our local support groups.


Learn all about acoustic neuromas and how they can affect your lifestyle.

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Our Partners

We owe a big thank you to our partner organisations for their ongoing support. These partners are helping to ensure that ANAC delivers the services that individuals who are diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma seek to find. ANAC is the only organisation in Canada dedicated to serving the needs of these Canadians.







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