2016 Symposium Videos

The following videos were recorded at our Symposium in May 2016, over the course of the 2-day event.


Video 1

  • Introduction
  • Natural History of Acoustic Neuromas: Its Mystery & Impact
  • Decision Making: Treatment Options for Acoustic Neuromas


Video Two

  • The Big Question: Surgical Treatment Options 
  • What You Need to Know About Surgical Approach
  • Considerations for Repeat Surgery 


Video Three

  • Expanding the Role of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery to Larger Vestibular Schwannomas
  • What You Need to Know about Fractionated Radiation Therapy 
  • Combination of Microsurgery and Radiosurgery: Could Adaptive Hybrid Surgery Change the Way for Treating Acoustic Neuromas?


Video Four

  • Multidisciplinary Tumor Board Panel


Video Five

  • Restoration of Hearing: BICROS & CROS Technology


Video Six

  • Quality of Life of Large Acoustic Schwannomas
  • Auditory Brainstem Implant: Realities & Canadian Options


Video Seven

  • How Balance & Vestibular Rehabilitation Plays a Role? 
  • Therapeutic Targets for Acoustic Neuromas 
  • Clinical Trials for Acoustic Neuromas
  • Discussion & Concluding Remarks