2018 Symposium Videos

The 2018 ANAC Symposium was designed to explore the latest research, treatment options and how best to manage issues as hearing loss, tinnitus, balance and facial paralysis that may impact individuals with an acoustic neuroma. This forum was led by leading healthcare practitioners and specialists and provided an opportunity to network and share experiences with faculty and other participants.

The following videos were recorded at the Symposium in September 2018.


Video One

  • Welcome & Opening Remarks
  • Anatomy Primer: Acoustic Neuromas
  • Neurofibromatosis Type 2
  • Natural History of Acoustic Neuromas


Video Two

  • Current Treatment Options for Acoustic Neuromas 


Video Three

  • Radiation Therapy: Everything You Need to Know


Video Four

  • Science: How Can Understanding Tumor Biology Lead to Novel Treatment
  • Clinical Trials for Acoustic Neuromas


Video Five

  • Ask the Experts: Q & A Session


Video Six

  • Hearing Loss: Community Support and Coping Strategies 


Video Seven

  • Ophthalmic Considerations in Facial Nerve Palsy


Video Eight

  • Treating Facial Paralysis: Cosmetic Procedures
  • Treating Facial Paralysis: Facial Reanimation Surgery


Video Nine

  • Patient Panel Stories: Moderator, David Ellison
  • Physician Tumor Board: Multidisciplinary Discussions on Treatment Options


Video Ten

  • Balance and Vestibular & Facial Rehabilitation
  • Living with Tinnitus
  • Discussion & Concluding Remarks