Referral Plan and Requirements

Multi-Disciplinary Assessments (MDA) are available to ANAC members. To apply for an MDA, the following information provides the team with some background information they require before an initial meeting :

  1. a letter identifying a request for an MDA

  2. contact information of family practitioner

  3. copy of the most recent MRI or images (unless the MRI or images were performed at Toronto Western Hospital)

  4. other relevant health and/or medical information that could influence symptoms, assessment, and course of action

Once this information is compiled, you may contact Dr Zadeh's clinical assistant or ANAC's executive director who is able to facilitate the assessment.



Lynn Nowen, Clinical Assistant
Tel:   416 603-5679
Fax:  416 603-5298

Carole Humphries, Executive Director, ANAC